In previous blog of PUBG Mobile you have got information about the game. Now in this blog you will get information about top and best guns to win a Chicken Dinner in PUBG mobile

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Player Unknown's Battleground, widely known as PUBG, is one of the most popular online battleground games since its launch. The game title received more popularity after the company released the mobile version.

According to the reports, there are more mobile players across the globe as compared to the PC and console gamers. However, that doesn't matter for a player, all it matter is to grab that Chicken Dinner for which everyone is crazy for.

Chicken Dinner is the term for winning a match in which 100 players were para-dropped in a map and combat against each other to win the gam. 

To achieve a win, players need the best weapons to take down the enemies and to survive.
Unfortunately, players drop on the map without any guns, ammunition, or security vests and they have to search for it as soon as they landed on the ground. Guns play a vital role in PUBG and in this article I will tell you the list of best weapons you can pick to win a PUBG match.

PUBG Best Guns You Can Pick in the Game

Just after you land on the map, you need to scavenge whatever you get from buildings without having any second thought. The first thing you have to do is to equip your player with any weapon which can defend.
Close quarter weapons come handy for someone that's a little close for combat. These weapons are readily available and capable of taking anyone down in two hits if the opponent is right in front of you. 

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The firing mode on this weapon can be changed, but you can fire only one shot at a time. The damage rate of a pistol is decent and it's a useful weapon if you have a good aim. One round of magazine is enough to knock down your enemy.
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These are one of my favourite good go guns just after landing on the ground. SK-12 is one of the best among the chunk which comes with a capacity of five ammunition storage. Although it's restricted to a single shot, that one close headshot is enough for vanishing your enemy. You can also attack scope, and AR extended mag to increase the efficiency of the gun.
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The UMP firing category can be switched between burst and single, which makes it handy for spraying and sniping both. You can attach up to 6x scope with it along with an extended mag to increase the capacity. You can spray up to 45 bullets at a time. Moreover, its recoil is better than AKM.
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It's a decent gun for close quarter combat, it has a single-shot mode, but the recoil and accuracy are weak. Uzi is very available across the map, and it's not a tough job to find it.
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PUBG Best Long Range Weapons

Short-range weapons are for initials when you land on the group, but it won't you in the long run. You need to search for AR (Assault Rifles) and snipers who will help you in taking down opponents without wasting too many ammo because it comes with better damage rate.

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Long Ranging Weapons
This sniper is one of the most powerful ones among the others which is capable of killing a player with a single headshot. M24 is rear, but you can try finding it in Military Base, Georgopol, School, Milta Power, and Shelter as well. The sniper does have some recoil, but if your aim is accurate, then it won't affect missing the target. One perfect shot and boom it's gone.
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One of the most famous snipers in the entire history of PUBG, game enthusiasts, are crazy about this weapon because of the accuracy and damage rate. It is also capable of knocking down the enemy in one single headshot. Most of the player prefers not using suppressor with Kar98 to listen to the thundering sound of the fire. Earlier it was also rear, but now with the updates, developers have improved the loot, and it's not tough to find it.
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Again, one of the most popular AR, which is known for its high damage rate and high rate of fire with minimum recoil. Generally, SCAR-L kills enemies in just four hits. Yes! You read it correctly, this gun is perfect for taking down someone on a moving vehicle or jumping here and there to skip your fire. One full spray of 5.9mm is enough for blowing up a car. 

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Beryl M762
It is one of a beast weapon which uses 7.62mm ammunition and comes with switchable fire modes. It comes with less recoil, which means it can be efficiently be used in any situation. Whenever you have a choice between AKM and Beryl M762 always pick M762 because AKM comes does come with a high damage rate, but the recoil is very challenging to control.

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It's a sniper which gives your immense power to kill opponents with a single headshot. It comes with almost no recoil and you can get it only via supply crate. If you manage to get one, then use it wisely because it comes with limited ammunition.

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So these are the best weapons which you can pick on the go and start taking down the rest of the 99 players to grab the chicken dinner.

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