As the laptop or a pc gets older, the Software get more demanding as the Software is constantly being updated and eats the processing memory of the hardware. In laptops unlike Software, its not possible to change the Hardware frequently to match needs of a hungry operating system and software.

What determines the performance of a Laptop.

Opposite to PC's, Laptops can not be easily upgraded to improve the performance, so the performance of a Laptop is soulfully dependent on the Pre-installed Hardware on the device. Most budget and Mid-range Laptops come with a minimum 4gb of Ram which makes it capable of simple and light day-to-day tasks including light weight rendering, editing, Word, Excel, and other light to medium software. 

Here are some ways to Improve the Performance of your Laptop -

  1. Impact on Start-up > Programs are automatically launched when the Laptops boots into the OS. This makes an impact on the complete performance of your Laptop as it consume ram and memory of your pc and run in background to degrade your experience. 

  • Go to Task Manger
  • Click the "More Details" Dropdown at the lower left corner 

    2. Killing Unnecessary Background Programs consuming more RAM, Network data, and         storage.

  • Go to Task manager
  • In the Processes tab end the unnecessarily running task or which could be possibly a malware or virus. Do not let 3rd party or un-trusted services to run on your device.Kill any task which is not supposed to be running without your consent.
3. Filling up the /:C Drive

  • OS is mostly loaded into the C disk which makes the computer to store the important information in the disk which indeed impacts the performance of the laptop.
  • Store you personal and work files and document on other drive or media and leave the C drive for OS and Scratch.
4. Insufficient Ram

  • Upgrade the ram of your laptop to enhance the performance, Keep in MIND choose wisely while buying a RAM, check the type of the ram, in this generation laptops come with mostly DDR3 and DDR4 RAM and stay aware to get more frequency ram than the older one.
5. Slow HardDrive

  • Consider buying a SolidStateDrive (SSD) to boost the boot time and improve the performance of the Laptop.


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