OxygenOS is filled with features and provides an Android experience that is similar to stock.


• The new edition of OxygenOS comes with OnePlus Nord.

• OnePlus Nord was released in India last month.

• The latest software is based on Android 10

Android purists would like to say that the safest and most effective version of the OS is stock Android, but not many people are big fans of stock Android. Instead, it can be argued that Android stock is too 'barebones,' and this is because Google simplifies its Android edition to keep things running smoothly. But they can and should add a lot of useful functionality to the operating system if the business wishes.

That takes us to OxygenOS, the take on Android by OnePlus, and it comes with many main features and tiny tweaks that are still missing from Android stock. Of course, to incorporate any of these functions, you can always install applications, but don't you think these are nifty additions that should be built-in? That's why we mention 14 reasons why OxygenOS is better than stock Android in this post.

Built-in voice recorder

There is no built-in Android stock voice recorder app - you need to install an app for it. OxygenOS has a built-in voice recorder, which is very helpful.

Long screenshots

OxygenOS has a dedicated gallery software that is better for phone editing of simple images, which makes long screenshots as well. You can do exactly that on OxygenOS in one go if you've ever needed to take a screenshot of a long WhatsApp chat. To do this, there's no need to take 20 different screenshots.

Gaming mode, Reading mode, Zen mode

The utilities and instruments provided by OxygenOS are some of the largest and most useful differences. This includes read mode, game mode, and zen mode, which for particular purposes tweak settings on the handset. We especially like the game mode, which makes it much easier without distracting alerts to focus on gaming. Reading mode turns the view of the screen into monochrome, making it easy to read long-form material on your phone anytime you have to. Finally, Zen mode, which essentially locks the phone for a particular amount of time so that you can concentrate on items that are best around you.

Parallel apps

Parallel applications, which allow you to have two instances of famous apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter with two different accounts are other helpful additions. OxygenOS allows you to do so if you want to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same computer, but it does not stock Android.

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App locker

OxygenOS has a built-in locker for applications that allows you to access those apps with an extra password. There's even a very helpful function installed into the file manager on OxygenOS called lockbox. You should place individual files in a password-protected vault with a lockbox, or if you have any personal documents on your phone, such as an image of an identification card, you can encrypt it with a password to shield it from prying eyes.

OnePlus Switch

I like the OnePlus Transfer feature as well, which helps you to move your data and applications easily to a new OnePlus phone. Google has its own migration platform, but OnePlus Turn supports the migration of app data on some applications as well, making it a more versatile tool. The data transfer is quick and your new phone is set up identically to the old one.

Better data usage controls

OxygenOS lets you set a cellular data limit. Also, in a month, you can check how much data you've used, both on cellular and Wi-Fi.

Schedule power on or off

OxygenOS helps you to turn the devices off remotely at a given time, and even wake the phone up at a predetermined time.


You don't have to reach for the power button anytime you want to secure the handset - a simple double tap on every blank area of the home screen activates the mobile easily.

Quick PIN entry

OxygenOS lets you pick an alternative to miss clicking a 'tick' after accessing the pin while entering the protection PIN. The handset immediately unlocks upon inserting the last digit of the right pin.

Better app search

Once you are inside the app drawer, OxygenOS also lets you check for applications. Android stock doesn't help you search for games, and you'll have to find what you're searching for manually.

Easy uninstall

Uninstalling applications on OxygenOS is quick as opposed to stock Android.

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Google search bar not stuck at the top

In OxygenOS, you can delete the Google search bar, because it doesn't need to be trapped at the top of the page.

Nicer about screen

In OxygenOS, the About screen does not look barebones.

In our view, all of this makes OxygenOS a better choice than stock Android. What are you thinking? let us know via the comments


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