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Mi Air 2 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Mi True Wireless Earphone

No Wires, no limits

Truly wire-free design High-quality audio Secure and comfortable fit Intuitive touch control Auto-on, auto-connect. Split-type true wireless design. flexible switching between single and binaural ears. can be used for different scenarios. The dual-microphone array environment noise reduction technology effectively reduces the environmental noise during the call, ensuring high-definition voice recognition and call quality when in noisy environments.

Liberty of True Wireless

Mi True Wireless Earphones use a completely wire-free designthat unbinds left from right, creating an all new, completely liberated experience when you listen. As small as these earphones are, they pack a sound you'll have to hear to believe.


Break away from the limits of wired earphones.

When a phone call comes, simply remove one earphone to automatically switch to single-side talk mode. You can even pass one earphone to a friend to enjoy a song together and bounce along to the beat. The Mi Air 2S truly wireless earphones come with a quick connect feature that will automatically pair the earbuds with the phone, once they are out of the case. There is a built-in optical infrared sensor as well that helps in recognising when the earbuds are out of the ear. For instance, the music stops playing automatically if the user removes the earbud out. As mentioned, there's Bluetooth v5.0 support for connectivity, and the earbuds weigh just about 4.5 grams. The semi in-ear design is comfortable to wear, and does not slip out easily. The Mi Air 2S earbuds are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Advance Tech

Expect full, wide-spectrum sound and naturally balanced frequency with the 7mm neodymium magnet + titanium plated coil speaker unit.

Turn on the noise cancelling mode for an even purer sound experience.

Battery Durability

The Xiaomi Air Dots 2 provide continuous music playback for 4 hours per charge and with the help of the charging box you will get continuous music playback for upto 14 hours, and even if this is not enough for you, you can fully charge the charging box in just 1 hour.

Light and Comfortable to wear

The Xiaomi Air Dots 2 have an ergonomic design and provide great fit, the earplugs sits firmly into the ears, they are very light in weight, just 4.5gms, which makes the fit even better and comfortable for longer listening sessions. With great sound quality and comfortable fit, the Xiaomi Airdots 2 are your perfect companion for watching movies and listening to longer music sessions.

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